Redline Alchemy was founded by the Ausmus brothers, Joe, Dan and Nick, in 2010.


At a young age, Joe began learning the secrets of wizardry

with guitar in hand, and sought out guitar and vocal lessons to hone his craft.

He now fills the role of lead singer, and plays bass as well as guitar on many tracks.

Danny has delved into the alchemy of instrumentation,

and if the proper instrument does not exist he will make it himself.

You may find him playing guitar, bass, drums, saxophone, and harmonica in the same show.

Nick has spent countless hours perfecting a

diabolic concoction of guitar tone and masterful shreds.

Corey Golon and Nate Wilson are lifelong students of music, and educators themselves.

If you throw an instrument at Corey,

not only will he catch it, but he will play it with aptitude and a passion for the art,

and then he will repair it because you threw it at him.

Nate composes complex arrangements with ease,

and his drum beats are the stuff of legend.

Don’t be surprised if he steps out from behind the kit to shred some guitar at a show!